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Nonsurgical Thigh Muscle Injury Treatment

Brett Cascio, M.D.

Nonsurgical Thigh Muscle Injury Treatment

Muscle strains in the thigh can be a real pain. Learn about nonsurgical treatment options in today’s article:

Nonsurgical Thigh Muscle Injury Treatment

Whether it's a pulled or torn hamstring, quadricep muscle or adductor muscle, it can be really painful to hurt the muscles in your thigh. The muscles in our thighs are important in helping us retain pain-free mobility and keeping us stable, so it's best to begin treatment as soon as possible.

How Do Thigh Muscle Strains Happen

Muscle strain occurs when a muscle is pushed past its limit. This can happen if thigh muscles are suddenly presented with a heavy load or stretched beyond their normal ability. If muscles are tight but not warmed up or not conditioned well, tearing or straining is a risk. Symptoms of a muscle tear in the thigh include pain in the thigh, snapping or popping during the injury, bruising, swelling, weakness, and in severe cases, loss of mobility.

Treatment Options

If the muscle is not torn or the tear is not severe, nonsurgical treatment may successfully help the injury. Several options are available, starting with rest and and cold compression. Anti-inflammatory medication can help relieve swelling while helping with pain. Your doctor may also recommend the use of a brace or splint to keep the injured muscle stabilized during recovery. Physical therapy may also be recommended to help you return to your pre-injury activity level. Depending on the severity of the injury, however, surgery may be necessary.

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