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Hip Dislocation

Brett Cascio, M.D.

Hip Dislocation

Do you know the symptoms of a dislocated hip? Make sure to read today’s article:

Hip Dislocation

What is a Hip Dislocation?

Hip dislocation is a condition caused by the femoral head slipping out of the acetabulum, where it normally is socketed in the pelvic bone. This misalignment can be very painful and can cause issues with mobility.

Whats causes Hip Dislocation?

Hip dislocation is caused by a sudden impact or force that pushes the head of the femur out of the acetabulum. This can occur especially in falls from a height or in accidents that move the leg suddenly in an abnormal direction, like in a motor vehicle accident.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Common symptoms of hip dislocation are severe hip pain and mobility issues. One leg may appear longer than the other and deformity may be visible at the hip joint. If the dislocation injured or compressed surrounding tissue or nerves, there may also be sensation loss on the back of the legs or in the feet. If your physician observes these symptoms, you may be diagnosed with hip dislocation. Imaging tests like X-Ray and MRI may be used to determine the degree of injury sustained to ensure proper treatment is given.

How is Hip Dislocation Treated?

If no other injury is sustained, the dislocation be treated with a non-surgical procedure called closed reduction. This procedure manually forces the joint back into the proper alignment. If the injury is very severe or damage to tissue or nerves is detected, surgery may be required.

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